A home goods store in the city of Ottawa has sold $30 to $50 worth of items that it had sold to a Canadian buyer, and was hoping to resell them, the city’s licensing board said Tuesday.

The sale of $5,000 worth of bedding, a TV and other items at a home goods location on King Street East in downtown Ottawa is being reviewed by the licensing board.

The sale was conducted by an unnamed buyer in January, said spokesperson Christine St-Amant.

“There are a number of items listed in the inventory that were purchased from the same vendor in January,” she said.

“The items were purchased by the same person.”

St-Amants said that while the vendor had provided the items to the licensing agency for a licensing review, there was nothing to indicate that the items were not being sold to another buyer.

The items sold included: bedding for sale in the home goods section, an iPad, two kitchen knives, a small TV, two coffee table tops, a microwave, a fridge, a freezer, a coffee maker, a dishwasher and a water heater.

The other items included a laptop, a set of gloves, a pair of pants and a hat.

The licensing board received the items in late January, and is now reviewing whether they should be considered for sale again.

It is not clear when the board will make a final decision.