Financial Post: A new home decor retail chain in Toronto is launching next week.

The company, called Home Edibles, has been eyeing a location in the Scarborough area for several years.

The business started by a group of former fashion students at the University of Toronto, with co-founders Jelena Oksman and Anna Tzeng.

The store opened in March. 

The company is aiming to attract the attention of young consumers, who have been a significant part of the online shopping market. 

Home Edibles will offer “a range of products and products with a unique twist, to create an intimate experience in the home,” according to its website. 

It has an extensive list of home decor items, including chairs, tables, chairs, pillows, pillow cases, bedding, towels, bedsheets, and so much more.

The website also offers recommendations for furniture, walls, and windows, along with suggestions for furniture accessories. 

One of the products that is featured on the site is a chair made of plastic. 

“When we created our first chair, we realized that a lot of our customers were looking for something unique, so we decided to make a plastic chair,” Oksmans told the Toronto Star. 

Some of the product ideas featured on Home Edictions website include chairs made of wood, bamboo, and even an earthenware model made of recycled glass. 

While the business is based in Toronto, its locations have been expanding in the past year, with two locations in Mississauga and two in Brampton.

The other location in Mississaugas city centre opened in May. 

Oksmans and Tz Eng said they are looking to tap into a young demographic, with the idea of selling the product through their website.

“There is a very active online marketplace, so our aim is to bring that same passion and energy to the store as well as grow it,” OKSmans said in an interview with the Star.

The company has also partnered with local retailers, including H&M, Nordstrom, Zara, and Bed Bath & Beyond, to sell products. 

According to the company, the focus is on “a wide range of household products and accessories.”