With the holiday season coming to an end, the holiday shopping season is officially in its early stages.

The Canadian Retail Federation (CRF) says more than 10,000 retailers have received notices of potential counterfeit holiday gifts this year.

These alerts include items like dolls and toys and gift cards that are identical to those listed on the website of some Canadian retailers.

“It’s really not uncommon,” says CRF spokesperson Susanne Sohmer.

“In fact, it’s a very common practice.”

These counterfeit gifts, if they are found and reported, can result in a $50 fine or even jail time.

Some retailers even ban the sale of counterfeit products, but they will be able to resell the same products in the future.

In Canada, the counterfeit gift ban applies to any products that contain any of the following ingredients: any food or food-related ingredients (such as honey, cheese, or chocolate), any artificial food flavour, any colouring, any preservative or preservative-free ingredients, any ingredients used to make the product, or any preservatives added to the product.

Consumers can check the exact list of ingredients and warnings on the CRF website.

As a result of this, many Canadian retailers have been forced to suspend or temporarily halt sales of some of the items on their shelves.

While it’s unlikely that counterfeit products will be sold in any of these stores anytime soon, it is important to be vigilant.

“If you find an item that you think is counterfeit, please report it immediately to your local police,” says Sohmar.

“The RCMP will take swift action if they find any potential fraud.”