Buyers of new and used home appliances should be wary of the “buyers beware” label as the federal government is tightening restrictions on the type of goods they can buy, according to a new report from the National Association of Home Builders.

The group’s report says consumers are paying more attention to what is being sold online as the Federal Trade Commission is trying to crack down on sellers who advertise products that are too high in price and that are not designed to be used.

A Home Depot spokeswoman confirmed the retailer was looking into the report and said the company “is focused on providing a wide variety of products and services, which are designed to meet the needs of our customers.”

The National Association for Home Builder said in its report that there is an increased focus on selling goods that are higher in price than the consumer is likely to pay, especially if the product is designed for an older home, and that is where the concern is.

“Home buyers are not likely to be purchasing the same type of product, such as an appliance, that is expected to last longer in the home,” the report says.

As well, the group says the number of products being advertised online has grown, with some retailers offering more than 50 different products on their website.

“In many cases, the product appears to be of poor quality, which is why consumers are more likely to purchase a product that is likely not to last long in the homes of older people,” the group said.

To protect the integrity of the marketplace, the National Assn.

of Homebuilders said it wants to make sure all consumers can buy the products they want without worrying that they will be charged more for the same product.

It also recommends that home buyers check the label of a product before purchasing it.

But it says the government needs to do more to make it clear what is “low-priced” and what is not, and it also called for stronger consumer protection measures.

Homebuilders can contact the National Consumer Council on Consumer Protection at (888) 659-0090 or contact [email protected]