Disney and Disney Lucasfilm are discussing a Han Solo film that they hope will “help build on the success of the first film.”

That means there are multiple ideas, including a new trilogy, a third installment or two, and a third film that might be called Star Wars Episode VII.

The Star Wars Insider podcast shared those thoughts.

It also revealed a couple of new details about the script and a new trailer, which you can listen to below.

Here are the full quotes from the podcast, which was recorded by a member of Lucasfilm’s production team: Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed the interview on Twitter, which has since been deleted: We have been in discussions with Disney about Han Solo, and we are in the process of finishing them.

We will announce the film in due course.

It will be an epic, and I am very excited to share it with the world.

The original Han Solo was a great character and one of my favorite films.

The franchise is in great hands and the film will be a great addition to the saga.

The question we asked Lucasfilm was “what do you want the film to be about?”

And the answer was: Han Solo.

That was our vision and the original idea for Han Solo came from the very beginning.

But the original plan was not to tell a new story.

We want to tell the story of what makes the character of Han Solo who he is, who he’s become.

It was a vision that started with our original idea to write a trilogy and was eventually expanded into a Star Wars film that would have been written by the original trilogy writers.

The Han Solo films, like the Star Wars movies, have always been about exploration and exploring new worlds.

So we are exploring that world now, and there are a lot of ideas that are coming together.

The first film was an original idea that was brought forward as we were writing the second film.

The second film is a story that was written for the first movie, and then it was expanded into the third film.

I am extremely excited about that.

I think it’s a really powerful idea, because it’s an exploration of a new galaxy.

That is what it was.

That’s why it is so powerful.

It’s a different story than what we were doing in the original film.

That first film is not the same story that we are doing now, but it is a new way of exploring the same universe and the same characters and the exact same worlds that were explored in the first one.

The third film, I think, is something that we have always wanted to do, because we know that the first two films were not a success, so I think the third one is a really good idea, to explore the same galaxy with the same heroes and the very same story.

That, I believe, is the original vision.

The idea was that Han Solo is a young man in a galaxy that has been lost.

And so his journey was a journey through space, which is why he was so young.

But his journey took him through time, and so he traveled to the time when he met Luke Skywalker, and he met Princess Leia, and they went on a journey to find a place where they could go to peace.

They eventually found a place in the future where they were able to find the planet where Han Solo would be able to settle and settle his people, which led to the birth of the Jedi.

It is the same idea of that time, where we are going to travel into a galaxy.

And then the third movie is the next step in the story that he goes through.

And that is to bring that whole story, this story that is the story behind this universe, and the new universe, together into one.

So it is an idea that we can share with you and see if you are interested in it.

And hopefully, we can find people who are interested.

We are looking at all kinds of different ideas.

I know we are.

And I know that we will have something that you like, that you would like to see.

And we will share that with you.

I have been hearing rumors that we might do some new Star Wars films, and hopefully we can get them done and we will get them out to the public as soon as possible.

But at the moment, we are just talking about how to tell this story and make sure that we do it well and make it interesting.

There are many possibilities.

We love the first films.

I can’t imagine a third movie that would not be good.

We have seen the first trilogy and it was a really, really fun movie.

We had a lot more fun with the second trilogy.

And if you watched the first three movies, it was fun, too.

So I think we have to look at the original story and see what we can do to make it better.

That way we can keep making films and make new stories.

The last Star Wars