Google’s home goods division is going to no longer accept ads for the home goods product nightstand.

Google says it is “currently not using any ads to promote or promote our products or services on Google’s products.”

Home goods night stands, which are made by a number of companies including Dyson, are available at major retailers such as Best Buy and Target.

Home goods products are popular items for many families and people who have an interest in electronics.

Google says the change means that its products can be purchased in “direct-to-consumer” stores.

The company did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

Google’s home products products are designed for the general consumer, but the company has also invested heavily in its own home goods lines.

The product line includes a range of “smart homes” that are built on Google hardware, and a new range of home products that Google says can be used for home automation and thermostats.

Google’s Home Hub has also been a success, with the product now available in the United Kingdom and Australia.