A new collection of coffee table and chair designs from Ikea, Ikea’s own online store, features a couple of cute little honey badgers.

The adorable creatures are available for purchase in various sizes for $7.99 (or $11.99 if you’re in the U.S.).

Ikea has put together a new set of Honey Badgers for its own online stores. 

The honey badger collection is part of Ikea Outdoors, a new line of outdoor furniture and home goods.

The honeybadgers are available in various colors and patterns, including gold, red and pink.

The range of colors includes an array of styles, including the ones featured on IkeaOutdoors.com, such as black, green, purple, yellow and blue.

Forget the boring, Ikeas own online catalog.

These are the best coffee table designs, and they look great.