A Florida woman who married a man with whom she had a long-running relationship has gotten a surprise homewarming gift, but she is upset over what she believes is an injustice.

The Wahl family, who have lived in the same house for 18 years, bought a brand-new home in West Palm Beach.

It was a first-time homecoming, but it was a good one.

The house has a big porch, a pool table and a full kitchen.

The family has a long history of generosity.

When they bought the home, they were trying to save enough money to buy a second home and they didn’t have much left over.

They are the kind of family who will make an exception to any financial hardship, said the Wahl’s son, Robert.

It wasn’t a huge deal, he said.

They just did the math.

When they moved into their new home, Robert and his wife were in a tight spot.

They were broke and in need of help.

The problem, Robert said, was that his wife didn’t think they were special.

She said she thought it was normal for a man to treat women better than men.

“It was an old stereotype that women are not nice,” Robert said.

“And so she just didn’t understand.”

Robert said he knew his wife would feel betrayed by the house and the man who bought it.

She has been told by a friend that he was a serial philanderer.

When the Walshes finally got a chance to buy the house, they didn.

But they were not ready to give the gift to Robert just yet.

“I am going to be devastated if we don’t,” Robert Wahl said.

The man they were getting married, Richard Johnson, is also a serial sexual predator who is charged with rape and sodomy.

He has a lengthy criminal record dating back to his childhood in a state prison.

The couple said they felt so badly for Richard that they gave him money to help with the mortgage payment.

Robert Welshed said he has a good relationship with his wife.

He even gave her money for the new car they bought.

They are also expecting their first child, and they are considering adopting a dog.

The Walshers said they are trying to make up for what they believe is unfair treatment of the man by offering to help pay his mortgage and paying rent.

The two men said they didn, too.

They said the money was given because they thought it would make the difference between living in the house together or sharing it with someone else.

The house is not far from a strip club.

They want to keep it clean, but Richard Johnson has said he would prefer to go to a different house, Robert Wilshed said.

The couple are planning to sell the house next year and will look for a place where they can get out of debt.

The first thing they need to do is figure out what they want for their home, said Robert Walshed.

They need to find a new place to live.

“We have the house we are paying for, we have a job, we do not have children, we don toil, and it’s just a mess,” RobertWelshed, 48, said.

“When you have a house that’s not fit for purpose, you can’t live like you have before.”Read more: