For years, Amazon has been a target of hackers.

But now, the company is being targeted with a new and insidious campaign.

For weeks, users have reported receiving fake emails from Amazon that promise to deliver items to their addresses.

The emails promise a gift certificate, for example, and the sender claims to have received a gift card from Amazon, though Amazon has not provided the actual gift card.

On Tuesday, a group of hackers published a fake “Amazon Gift Card” and “Amazon Amazon Gift Certificate” listings on a website called Spamhaus, which is associated with the notorious DDoS attack known as “Operation BlackHat.”

In these fake listings, the scammer promises to deliver a gift code to the recipient’s address.

But what happens next?

The scammer will send a phony email, and when you open it, you will see a pop-up box containing a “gift certificate” with the gift code.

The scammer may ask for a “free gift card,” but you should instead click “no,” the scamming website warns.

The scam offers the victim a code to download Amazon’s “Kindle app,” which is a free, Android-based Kindle ebook reader that users can use to scan books.

The app is free to download, though you’ll have to pay a $2.99 fee.

You can download the Kindle app from the Amazon App Store, Google Play, and iTunes.

But, if you want to avoid buying anything from Amazon without paying the gift card, here are a few things you can do:First, check to make sure you have the latest version of the Kindle software.

You can get it from the Kindle Developer Dashboard, which contains the latest software updates for your Kindle.

If you’re not using the latest versions, you can always install it manually.

The latest version can be downloaded from Amazon.

To check for the latest Kindle software, go to Kindle Developer.

If the software update doesn’t appear, try refreshing the page.

You may have to restart your Kindle to get the update.

If you don’t want to download the latest update, there are several ways to avoid downloading it.

You have a recent Kindle device that you can use as a test bed.

Plug your Kindle into your computer and open the Kindle browser.

Scroll down to the section for the Kindle App Store.

Go to the app and tap the download link.

The app will download and install the latest release of the software, but if you get an error that says “You must upgrade your software,” or “The latest version is out of date,” that’s the latest available version of your Kindle software that you need to upgrade.

The latest software is available for free, and it should be compatible with the Kindle device.

The older software version can still be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

For more on Amazon, watch:The Amazon gift card scam is one of the most infamous DDoS attacks in history.

In 2015, Amazon received over $10 million in cyberattacks from hackers who targeted the company’s network for the first time.

In response, Amazon announced the creation of the Amazon Gift Card program, which allowed users to purchase Amazon products online and receive a $5 gift card as a gift.

Amazon later expanded the program to include free shipping for orders totaling $49.99 or more.

Amazon has since rolled out the gift cards to all of its products.