A few days after the original article went live, I went to Amazon.com and bought the console table for $6.99.

I didn’t know that the table was on sale until I came across the article on the Amazon Sell page.

I then noticed that I could buy the table for a discount on Amazon.

I decided to take a look and decided to try it out.

After clicking the buy button, the screen appears.

It lists the console for sale.

The table is listed as an “Acer BX9V7A+-3D TV” and “3D Blu-ray player.”

The table also comes with a 3D Blu Ray Player.

I clicked the “buy” button and it took me to a page that lists the items that are currently available for purchase.

I chose the “3d Blu-Ray player.”

Amazon’s “buy now” button takes me to the seller’s Amazon page.

On the seller page, I can click on the “add to cart” button to add a new item to my cart.

I found the item for sale at a price of $6,499.99, and I clicked “Buy.”

I picked up the table and the 3D TV for $12.99 on Amazon Buy.

I bought the 3rd and final item on Amazon Sell.

The item came with an additional $30 shipping charge.

I used my credit card to pay for the table, and Amazon Pay is supported in the US.