Best home decor products online can be purchased for about $3-4 each.

That’s cheaper than the cost of a standard fridge, but if you’re going to be buying furniture for the long haul, this is the best way to do it.

Here are 10 items that will cost you a few pennies.


Home Depot – Home Depot will sell you a set of 24 large flat-screen TV monitors for $49.99.

It is the only retailer with a price list that includes this much TV-sized flat-screens.

If you’re buying furniture, you might want to check the pricing on Amazon before you buy it, as the company does not offer a price guide for the product.

The company’s prices can be found on its website.

2. – HomeDepots website has a list of over 400 products for $1,599.

If this is your first time buying furniture online, you may want to do some research to make sure you are getting the right kind of furniture.

This is the cheapest way to buy any type of furniture online.

The site offers a variety of different furniture items, including kitchen cabinets, bed frames, furniture, dining tables, and more.


HomeGadget – HomeGadhnet offers a list for $4,499 for an electric fence post that can be set up with a fence hookup kit.

The HomeGhad website also has a great list of cheap items to help you save money.


HomePage – HomePage is a website that sells a list with over 600 furniture products, including some that are very hard to find.

They also have a section that lists products that cost more than $10 each.

5. and  – Homepage and Home Guru are two websites that sell a similar list of products, but they have different prices for the items they sell.

They have different lists of items to buy, which means that if you decide to buy something, you can usually find the price on the website or in a store.

Home Guru has a wide range of products that you can buy on its site, which can be a great way to save money, although some of the items on their website are very expensive.


HomeSafari – HomeSafer has a large selection of products for less than $200.

If that’s your first purchase, you should look at their pricing before you decide what type of product you want to buy.


HomeZone – HomeZone has a similar pricing guide for furniture, but has a price range for different types of furniture, such as dining tables.

It also has an extensive selection of furniture items that you may be interested in, such a beds, desks, and chairs.


HomeGrocer – HomeGroer is another website that offers a similar listing of furniture that you might find a good deal on, but it also has pricing for more expensive items.


HomeMax – HomeMax is another company that sells cheap furniture that is more than the price of a refrigerator.


HomeShopping – HomeShoppers is another listing for furniture that costs less than the average price of the other stores listed on this list.

Some of the more expensive furniture items you can find at HomeMax are: mattresses, dressers, and furniture that cost over $10.