It’s not every day that you can buy a $20 nightstand in a $10 Walmart store, but that’s exactly what’s happened recently at Marshalls.

With Marshalls offering $5 off your first purchase, you could easily get an additional 2% back in store purchases.

As a bonus, this bonus will show up on your checkout receipt.

You could even use it as a credit toward an Amazon Prime membership, as you’re paying for the privilege of shopping at a store that offers it.

Now that’s some savings!

However, you’re not limited to just Marshalls nightstands, as Amazon has been offering an additional 5% in store coupons since December.

It’s worth noting that this bonus is only available to purchases made from online or offline stores.

So, if you’re buying a pair of nightstand socks from the local mall, but you’re still using the coupon to get a $5 discount, you’ll still be able to get the bonus at Amazon.

If you buy a pair at a regular price, you will only get 2% of the total amount of the purchase.

It might seem like a small incentive, but in the grand scheme of things, this might not be much of a win.

So what can you get back in savings?

Well, if a regular $10 nightstand has a 3% coupon, you can earn $2 back in discount store purchases made at a discount retailer.

You can use the coupon on a total of 4 different items.

That includes furniture, books, and even toiletries.

So if you’ve been saving for the best Christmas presents ever, now is the time to put your holiday shopping to good use.

If a $1,000 nightstand is in stock at your local Marshalls store, you might be able grab a $2 coupon and a free Amazon Prime subscription.

These discounts are just some of the ways that Marshalls and Amazon can make money from your purchases.

And if you want to make your savings even more substantial, there’s also the coupon code on top of your purchase.

So the extra $2 in savings could go a long way.

For more savings and to make sure you’re getting the best deals on Marshalls home and garden, head over to the Crypto Coins subreddit.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite coupon codes are.

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