I’m an avid DIYer, so I’ve got plenty of time to do it.

The problem is that my house isn’t really built to house a large amount of goods, so it takes me a while to decide what I want to do.

I’m also not particularly fond of decorating the inside of my home.

I’m always searching for new ways to create my own home, and I’ve had a lot of ideas floating around on social media lately.

One of the ideas I’m most excited about is to create a DIY home gift that uses a basic mirror, and is designed to fit into a standard kitchen.

The idea is simple.

Make a simple mirror, attach it to your kitchen counter, and decorate it with whatever you want to decorate inside it.

I like to decorates my mirrors with photos and prints, but I also like to use my kitchen as a backdrop to display my favorite things.

The mirror itself, of course, will serve as the centerpiece of my Christmas display.

A small mirror can easily be made into a large mirror, as the design makes it easy to see what’s on your counter and where you put the mirror.

For more ideas, I suggest checking out the tutorial on how to make the mirror from this article.

You can get the project from the blog post below:If you have any questions about how to decorating a mirror, or any questions you’d like to ask, please let me know in the comments section below!

Happy holidays, friends!