By Mandy Moore and Michael C. Paternoster | 09.23.2018 | 4:17 pmThe holidays are here!

That means a new holiday trend in the US: DIY Christmas tree decor.

With the festive season upon us, here are 10 great DIY Christmas decor ideas to give your home a little more festive.

You’ll need a few things to get started:ToolsFor the DIY decor:To make the tree, you’ll need something sturdy enough to hold a tree and a pole (such as a Christmas tree pole, a wooden Christmas tree stand, or a metal tree trunk).

A large, solid base with a solid base is the best choice.

You can also use a wooden base, but a sturdy base is much easier to work with and will help your project stand out more.

You can also buy some cheap Christmas tree stands and decorate them.

This is especially helpful if you don’t have any wood or nails handy.

If you’re going to decorate the tree with a wood base, make sure that the base isn’t too large or too small, so that you can move the tree from one side of the house to another without it tipping over.

If you’re building a Christmas table, you can also make a large wooden stand for a Christmas dinner table.

There are also a number of ways to decorating the tree.

If your tree is too tall, use the tree trunk instead.

If it’s too short, use a decorative block or a branch.

If your tree has a tree trunk, you should make a wooden branch out of the tree and trim it to the size of the trunk.

If not, you may need to use a small piece of string, or simply use a saw to cut the branch out.

To get started, grab your wood base and create a wooden stand to hang the tree (see our tutorial on how to make a tree stand).

Make sure to cut it out at least two-thirds of the way to the base, or else it may bend and damage your tree.

Next, trim the tree so that it looks like a regular tree.

The tree trunk is your most decorative part.

Use the base of the wooden stand and trim away the excess branches to create a nice, sturdy base.

Next up, create a decorative tree stand out of your wood, so you can hang the decorative tree.

Take a piece of twine and attach it to your tree stand.

This way, you don´t have to worry about breaking it.

You’ll probably need to make another tree stand to attach to the tree stand itself.

Attach the twine to your wooden stand, and then attach the base to the wooden base.

If everything is finished, the tree will look like this.

Next on your list is a tree lamp.

This will make the Christmas tree look like a normal tree.

You should make two light posts on the top of your tree, and attach them to a large, sturdy tree stand so that the tree stands upright.

You might also want to make some decorations for the tree too.

Create a Christmas decoration box and decorating sticks to decorat the tree along with some decorations on the tree itself.

Make sure you attach these to the wood base as well so that they don’t slide off.

This is a very easy and effective way to make your Christmas tree more festive with a few simple decorations.

The decorations will add a sparkle to the holiday season and will really make your home look great!