You’ve got the basic stuff, the basic appliances, the smart locks and the basic smart home features that most smart home enthusiasts rely on.

But what if you want to customize your home to make it more personal and personal to you?

Here are 10 simple steps to building your own smart home.1.

Install your smart lights1.

Open the Amazon Echo app and select Settings.2.

Go to the Alexa Store and download the Alexa app.3.

Download the Alexa App for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.4.

Select the Alexa Skill (Alexa Skill Home, Alexa Skill Home Assistant, or Alexa Skill).5.

Select your home and then press on the Alexa button.6.

Select Settings.7.

Go back to Alexa and then select Home and Alexa.8.

Select Your Smart Home Devices (including Amazon Alexa and Echo).9.

Select Alexa Home.10.

Select Select Smart Home.1 / 1