A new trend is making it easier to decorate your home with home goods and DIY supplies.

It’s the same trend that was at the center of a high-profile battle between Home Depot and Home Depot’s competitors, Home Depot said Friday.

But the new trend isn’t limited to home decorating.

A new generation of consumers is spending more time and energy than ever before decorating their homes with new gadgets and accessories.

Home Depot, Homejoy and other retailers, like Lowe’s, are selling the same types of products in more and more of the country.

And they are selling them in more locations.

“We see the home as the place to be,” said Michael McAdams, senior vice president for Homejoy.

“We’re seeing it as an investment, and we’re not going to go out and spend $1,500 for a piece of furniture, even if it looks really cool.”

Homejoy, which sells more than $300 billion in home goods a year, has seen a huge growth in the last decade.

The company saw a 15% year-over-year increase in the number of homes it sold in 2016, with sales increasing from 3.5 million homes in 2015 to 4.6 million in 2016.

“The trend is not new,” said McAdams.

“There’s been a boom in the home for a couple of decades, but now it’s getting much bigger.”

A new generation is spending $1.4 trillion a year on home goods.

Homejoy sees this growth as part of a larger trend.

McAdams said he believes home-buyers are taking a more active role in home decor, and are paying more attention to what they’re buying.

“In many ways, it’s the most critical part of the home.

People are buying furniture for the home, but they’re not buying the furniture for themselves,” he said.

“That’s what I see in the first few years of the new generation.

They’re buying the house as the center for their lives, and they’re taking the home seriously.”

McAdams also said it’s becoming more common for shoppers to use technology to decoratively decorate their homes.

“It’s not just a product anymore.

People have a camera or a remote control and a smartphone.

It could be an LED light fixture, a projector or a projector, a wall mounted TV or a wall of art,” he explained.

Homejoy also said that a significant portion of home sales are done in the bedroom.

McAdam said it is also becoming more important for homeowners to use appliances to decorating the home in the evening.

“In a lot of ways, there’s an increasing number of people in the house that have their own appliances,” he added.

HomeJoy, Hometrust and Lowe’s are among a handful of companies that are trying to bring home decoring into the home with new technology and supplies.

McArthur said there is a need for a new generation that is buying furniture, appliances and accessories from a brand like Homejoy, but it’s not an overnight process.

“Homejoy has been around for a long time.

The technology has evolved and we’ve changed a lot over the years.

So it’s still a company that’s been around, but we’re doing things differently,” McArthur explained.