The next time you’re stuck in traffic, you may want to head to the nearest carwash to stock up on fresh towels, shampoo, conditioner, shampoo and body lotion.

But if you’re on the road and are still trying to decide where to buy, here’s how to save some time and money.1.

Go to your nearest car wash.

It can be a quick, hassle-free trip to the local shop.

You can pick up your car wash supplies at your local auto dealership or you can order them online.

Carwash products are usually $4-$5 each, so you can easily find what you need at your nearest store.2.

Pick up your dry shampoo and conditioner online.

These are packaged in boxes and come in different types, so make sure you get what you want.

They usually come in handy when you’re waiting for a delivery driver.3.

Shop for car wash products online.

Some car wash companies offer discount codes to help customers save money.

For example, the $1 off coupon is valid for all car wash orders.4.

If you don’t have time to wait, buy from a store near you.

Car Wash Express has an online shopping cart where you can find all the products you need to make your car-washing journey as quick and easy as possible.5.

Buy the products in bulk.

This can save you some money.

Many car-wash stores sell items at half the normal price.

This gives you the chance to buy multiple items at once, saving money and time.6.

Shop at a discount store.

If your local car-shopping store doesn’t carry many of the brands you want, you can shop online.

You may find deals on items you’ve never seen before or even better, you might find something you’ve seen before and love.7.

Use coupons.

If the prices you see online are more than you can afford, you have options.

Some discount stores have discounts that let you buy as little as $1 per item.

You’ll need to book ahead and make sure the price you’re paying is accurate.8.

Use discount coupons.

You might not have the money to pay the full price, but you can still save money by using discounts.

These can be worth the effort to get a discount.

For instance, the discount on an ice cream sundae at Target is $2.25, but the coupon gives you $2 off the total price of the sundae.

If you’ve got extra time or don’t want to spend much time waiting for your car, you could try using a discount coupon for your shopping cart.

These often have an online store where you pay a small discount for shopping through the store.9.

Get a discount on your home-care supplies.

If a home-health care or home-cleaning supply is out of stock, you’ll want to check online to see if they have a coupon or sale available for the time you’ve already spent.10.

Shop on

This is an online marketplace where you shop and buy.

Amazon offers discounts on everything from clothes to books to appliances.

Some products are cheaper than others, but they often have free shipping.