Get ready for an onslaught of housewares and decor, with some housewards putting together a handy checklist of the most common items you’ll need to keep on top of when you’re out and about.

Here’s how to get your head around them.


What items will I need? 

There are a few basic things you should have on hand when you leave home for the holidays: 1.

A light and a head lamp, for your bed and chair 2.

A pillow, if you need to sleep on the floor 3.

A chair if you want to rest in the chair 4.

A lamp, if there’s an empty space on your couch or the floor, for the candles and your phone, if necessary 5.

A washcloth, for washing clothes and clothes in your closets, 6.

A few small kitchen utensils, such as the spatula and fork 7.

A cloth napkin or small cup, if your hands are tired 8.

A small bowl, if it’s a little bit cold and you don’t want to sit on the couch 9.

A bottle of shampoo or conditioner, if the shampoo isn’t hot enough 10.

A razor blade, if using a razor 11.

A toothbrush, if cutting on the beach 12.

A plastic bag for holding the toothpaste 13.

A reusable cloth napkins, such to use when preparing your meals 14.

A water bottle, if its a little too hot for you 15.

A paper towel, if washing your hands 16.

A mirror, if needed 17.

A cup holder 18.

A book, if taking notes 19.

A soap box, if cleaning 20.

A blanket, if putting on your pyjamas 21.

A pair of scissors, if trimming trees 22.

A box of toothpaste, if brushing your teeth 23.

A large cup, like a coffee mug 24.

A jar of ice cream, if drinking  25.

A coffee pot 26.

A piece of duct tape 27.

A sheet of toilet paper, if toilet paper is necessary 28.

A candle, if lighting a fire 29.

A spray bottle, to spray perfume on yourself or your hair 30.

A hair brush, if hair is messy 31.

A disposable plastic bag, if going to the bathroom 32.

A tube of toothbrush or toothpaste  33.

A couple of disposable zip ties, if they have a small opening 34.

A spare pair of shoes, if walking in the woods 35.

A travel mug, if hiking 36.

A hat or hat with a brim 37.

A shirt, if traveling 38.

A scarf, if winter is coming 39.

A sweater, if wearing a sweater 40.

A hand towel, or if you are sweaty 41.

A towel or two, if sleeping 42.

A headband, if a pillow is too hot 43.

A shampoo, if shampoo is necessary for your hair, if dry, or to remove the hair 44.

A toilet paper roll, if having to pee 45.

A glass of water, if hot or cold 46.

A flashlight 47.

A wallet 48.

A phone 49. A bandana 50.

A makeup brush 51. A t-shirt 52.

A comb 53.

A sponge 54.

A face mask 55.

A sunscreen 56.

A shaving cream, or a gel, if shaving 57.

A nail clipper 58.

A set of makeup tools, if getting ready for a special occasion 59.

A backpack, if carrying all your essentials 60.

A baby blanket 61.

A coat, if cold or wet 62.

A camera 63.

A notebook 64.

A cell phone, for emergencies 65. A compass 66.

A ruler 67.

A pad of paper, for remembering your destination 68.

A pencil 69.

A pen 70.

A paintbrush 71.

A scrapbook 72.

A coin 73.

A tape measure 74.

A sewing kit 75.

A bucket 76.

A pocketknife 77.

A roll of toilet cleaner 78.

A knife 79.

A bowl 80.

A napkin 81.

A bag 82.

A tissue 83.

A mug 84.

A snack 85.

A pack of toiletries 86.

A gallon of water 87. A zip tie 88. A whistle 89.

A cigarette lighter 90.

A binocular 91.

A map 92.

A CD 93.

A keychain 94.

A copy of your passport 95.

A laptop 96.

A gift card 97.