Target is getting a lot of flack for its prices, but its home goods and convenience store locations are a great way to save money without breaking even.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect store for your needs.


Look for the price tag on the product you want 2.

Keep in mind how much you’re paying for each item 3.

Use coupons and discounts for free or low prices to save time and money on your shopping trip 4.

Shop at local farmers markets or local farmers market farmers markets where prices are lower than big chain stores 5.

Get a grocery list and compare prices at the store before you buy a certain item to save yourself time and stress 6.

Keep a shopping list for when you shop online and find the cheapest deal 7.

Use discount codes to save on products or get free shipping 8.

Shop online to save some money on certain items 9.

Look at prices on other products or services you might need 10.

Check the price and see if it is competitive with similar items online 11.

Take advantage of special promotions and deals on products you might be looking for 12.

Take home a savings card to help cover the cost of items you may need or buy in bulk 13.

Check your coupons to see if you can save on some items 14.

Use your shopping cart to buy products you may not normally shop for 15.

Shop with cash when you can, saving money on shipping costs 16.

Use a credit card to pay for your groceries when you don’t have cash 17.

Take your time with your shopping to ensure you get the best deal and save money at the same time