New York magazine’s newest offering on the “New York City of the future” is the city’s new “big box store.”

According to New York, its new brand, New York City, will offer “access to a wide range of great-quality goods at prices that can’t be beat.”

That includes “everyday essentials” like groceries, electronics, electronics accessories, fashion, home goods, home decor, and “toys and apparel,” but it also includes “fashion and home entertainment.”

New York will also “focus on the most popular items, like shoes and furniture, at a reasonable price” and “will provide shoppers with access to products at the lowest prices, in a variety of styles and styles.” 

I will be shopping with New York as soon as I can afford it, but I am also shopping online.

For my budget, I am looking at the following items: • A few pairs of shoes I am buying right now: Nike Air Max 10s, Nike Zoom F3s, and a pair of Timberland Runners, all at $100 • The next pair of sneakers I want: Nike Zoom Air 1s and a black pair of Nike Air Zoom 2s, at $150. 

• Five pairs of clothes: J. Crew x-Treme, L’Oréal Beauty, Abercrombie & Fitch x-Men, H&M x-Hudson, and Ralph Lauren x-Women, at around $150 each. 

My closet is full of fashion and accessories, but what I really want is a dress. 

I have a very loose wardrobe.

The top three choices: Boots and belts: $30 a pair. 

Sweaters: $20 a pair and the worst one for me, a pair I own at $35. 

Socks: $10. 

Dresses: $5 each.

I am also considering going the extra mile and buying a dress or dressy blouse, but this is just my style and I’m going to go with something else for my Christmas present. 

Barefoot socks: $15. 

Shoes: $35 a pair, and the best ones for me are $40, plus the shoes, for $75. 

Pants: $45. 

Jeans: $75 a pair for $130, plus $5 for the sneakers. 

Ladies’ sizes: $90. 

Ties: $85. 

Mens shoes: $60. 

Cupcakes: $55. 

Chiffon shirts: $65. 

Stickers: $40. 

Men’s T-shirts: $25. 

Jewelry: $80 a pair (which I’ll probably keep). 

Jewels: $50 a pair ($15 for a $20 dress) A full dress of clothes would be a little pricey, but you can get a decent deal on designer and vintage items at New York.

I would also recommend the following clothing lines: A.P.C. $45 a pair Bottega Veneta $55 a pair  Levis 501 $45 for a pair   Lululemon $100 a pair