Posted November 07, 2018 16:31:48 A new wave of shopping is on the horizon in Melbourne as a number of retailers begin their first major expansion.

Key points: Home goods retailer HomeJoy is expected to open its first store in Melbourne this year after it announced its plan to open two stores next year on Southbank This will see it open one store in the CBD and one in Southbank in Melbourne next year The launch of a new retailer at the Southbank Centre in Melbourne could be the next big step in the growth of the local retail sector The HomeJoy store will be located at Southbank Shopping Centre, near the intersection of King and Swan streets in the heart of the city.

The store will have a range of items, including jewellery, clothes and accessories, as well as other essentials such as cleaning supplies and cleaning kits.

HomeJoy is a small and family owned company which sells home products, including furniture, furniture accessories and home electronics.

The company has been expanding its Melbourne stores and it will be opening its first stores next week.

Homejoy chief executive Scott McIlwaine said it was excited to expand the store in South Bank.

“The growth of our businesses and our expansion in Melbourne has been very rewarding, and it’s been a real pleasure to work with our local partners, to partner with them to create a new store and to expand our network,” he said.

“I think the store will open in two weeks and will be an important part of our strategy for our local communities.”‘

We have to be more ambitious’The HomeJoy founder and chief executive officer said the store was important because it would be the first of its kind in Melbourne.

“We have been working hard to get our stores opened, and now that they have been announced, we are excited to open our second store in Adelaide next year,” he told the ABC.

“It’s going to be a real milestone for our business, for our community, and for the region.”

Mr McIlwy said he hoped the launch would create a ripple effect through the region.

“With a new retail space being opened in Southland, we have to work harder, we will have to keep building out our brand, our stores, and we have been doing that, but now that we have this new retail store, we can really push our business to the next level,” he added.

“That will create more opportunity for other retailers to come in and grow their business.”

The first store will also be a new outlet for the company’s mobile payments service.

“There’s a new payment app that is launching in Adelaide in the next couple of weeks, and this will be a key part of that.

We have to start working out more and more how to use that to make our customers happy,” Mr McIlwi said.

Home Joy will also open a store in Hobart, a port city in the south-west of Tasmania.

Mr McIllwaine says the store would create new jobs and attract more customers.

“A lot of people are coming into Hobart and we know we have a strong base in the Hobart area, but we are going to do more in Adelaide,” he explained.

“In Hobart we have the same number of stores as in Melbourne and the number of people that come to Hobart are the same.”

Mr McCilwaine hopes the opening of the new store in a new location will help the company grow.

“If we are able to attract a lot more people in Tasmania, then it will drive the growth in Hobas and the growth for our businesses in Hobbins and South Hobbans,” he concluded.

“Because the people in Hobbin and Southhobbs are very loyal and they are the people that are going in for the latest home and home appliances, then you’ll see a lot of growth.”

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