Android phones with 5.5-inch or larger screens are now cheap enough to buy a smartphone with, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 selling for just $500, and the iPhone 6S selling for about $1,000.

The S5, however, was only available in India on sale until May 23.

Samsung’s flagship handset was the only phone that could be pre-ordered in India, and pre-orders were limited to just 500 units, making it more expensive than its US counterparts.

But its release was a resounding success, with more than 200,000 units sold by May 30, and Samsung expects to sell up to 300,000 of its devices this year.

For many smartphone enthusiasts, the iPhone 5s and 6s have been their top smartphone for years, and it’s a shame the Galaxy S6 is a complete washout in India.

The Galaxy S7, a phone with a 4.7-inch screen and a $750 price tag, has been a popular smartphone for many, with many people willing to shell out for a device that’s smaller and cheaper than its big brother.

While the S6 has some nice specs and an impressive camera, it’s hard to recommend it over a phone that’s only marginally better.

But, the fact that Samsung is selling its phone for less than $500 and the Galaxy 6s for less still doesn’t seem worth $1k for a phone, so that’s not really a big deal.

It seems to be a very expensive smartphone to own, and if you’re looking for a great deal on a great phone, look no further.