Source: RTE /Twitter Kerry Smith, Kenny Miller and Kenny Miller were at their absolute tightest for the RTE Studios show tonight, as they took to the stage for the finale.

They were joined by the legendary RTE reporter, Kerry Miller, and the late Kenny Smith, and it was a big one for all three.

The RTE studio crew were all in stitches, as we saw their faces when they realised they were going to get their wish.

The newsreader, John Dorney, was a bit nervous as he was the only person on the air to know what had happened and he was also the only RTE producer to speak to Miller about it.

It was a great night, they said.

It all started when Kerry Smith appeared on the show, and he began by telling them he was not going to be able to play the show.

He said he was going to come home for a few days and come back for his holiday.

He then went on to reveal that Kerry had been killed, and was in hospital for several weeks.

But, before that, the newsreader went on about the show and said he had been the only one to talk to Kerry about the whole thing.

Miller did not take it well and said that was a huge mistake.

But he was asked if he was sure he could still play the role.

He replied that it would be difficult, and that it was difficult to see how he could, if he had not had the courage to tell them what had really happened.

Kerry’s son, Jack, said that he was proud of his dad, and thanked everyone for their support.

He also said that Kerry was not a character he was trying to emulate.

He was the last to speak, and Miller said that his son was doing great.

He went on the news to thank everyone for coming on and said it would have been a shame if his son had not come on.

He then announced that the news would be on tomorrow morning.

Kenny Smith’s son Jack was also in the studio and was there to see it, but was not happy.