Trump’s “mirrored” nightstand, which is featured in the magazine’s first cover story, is actually a “great idea,” the magazine said.

The magazine’s “bestseller list” of 2016 shows the product’s popularity.

Trump, however, says he has no plans to sell the product, which he calls the “mirror of heaven” on which his wife, Melania, and Barron use to sleep during the holidays.

“Mirrored night stands are a great idea,” Trump said during an interview with “The Daily Show” on Tuesday.

“It’s a great product.

But you have to look at the facts.

It’s been used by many people.

It works really well.”

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, told CNN’s Dana Bash that she and her father would like to buy a mirrored nightstand “to have a space in the living room for Barron and me to watch movies.”

Trump also tweeted that he would “probably” sell the item once it was no longer available.

Trump’s wife, however is still selling the product online, and her site sells an additional $1,100 worth of mirrors, as well as “mirrors for the walls and floors of your house,” according to its website.

Ivanka Trump’s website also lists the “Mirror of Heaven” for sale on her own website, with a price tag of $1.9 million.

The “Mirrors for Wall & Floor Wall” product is currently listed on Amazon for $1 million, according to the website’s description.

Trump told “The View” on Monday that he “would never do anything that would make me look like a sleazy businessman.”

The “mirrror of hell” was one of Trump’s signature products when he launched the Trump Organization in 1980, and his wife Melania’s “Mirrormind” product became one of his signature products for years after that.

Melania Trump has said that she did not receive any money from the Trump family for the product.