The UK TV industry has delivered some of its best ratings for a full calendar year in 2018.

The BBC’s flagship news and current affairs programme, The World, rose to third place with 1.2 million viewers and a 0.4 share in the overall UK market.

The ITV News Channel climbed to fourth place with 935,000 viewers and 1.4 in the market.

The ITV News Extra programme, which featured a debate between the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, also topped the ratings chart with 1,073,000 subscribers.

The Sunday Times was third, with 829,000, and the Sunday Times Sport was fourth, with 917,000.

The Evening Standard rose to sixth place, with 649,000 on 1.7 percent of the market share.

The Independent was seventh, with 717,300, and it’s predecessor, the Independent, was eighth, with 576,000 and 9.1 percent.

The Times of London was ninth, with 1-1-1 on 1 percent of all UK TV viewers.

The Daily Mail was tenth, with 2.6 million subscribers.

Sky News was eleventh, with 12.6 percent.

Buckingham Palace’s football team was last on the ratings charts, with a 0-2-0 score.

The Daily Mirror was last, with 4.5 million viewers.

BBC One was the most popular channel on TV, with almost 1 million viewers watching the Premier League, and 2.5 millions watched the Football League.

The most popular TV programme, meanwhile, was the BBC Two show, The Sun, with its average audience of 2,082,000 listeners.

The Sun’s average audience rose to a record high of 2.2million listeners last week.

BBC Two, meanwhile was on a similar trajectory, with the highest average audience at 2.1 million.

The TV Licensing Company (TLC) said its ratings for the week of January 21-24 were up 9 percent compared to the same period last year.

TLC chief executive Stephen Hatton said: “The UK has been among the strongest performers in terms of TV ratings.”

With more than 3.5 billion hours of live TV on BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 4 and other channels, we are seeing a massive surge in UK audiences.

“The number of people tuning in to see a programme on BBC One rose by over 3 million over last year and the number of UK households subscribing to Sky TV increased by over 2 million over the same time period.”

TLC also said its UK TV audience grew by around 4 percent to 2.7 billion hours.

The industry’s biggest growth driver, though, was ITV, which jumped by 7 percent to its most recent record high with 1 million subscribers in the UK.

The company said its new streaming services, Sky Now and Sky Go, accounted for over 40 percent of total TV viewing, and its TV Everywhere service accounted for almost a third.