The latest Marshalls Supercenter opens this month in Chicago, and is expected to offer everything from a full length bar stool to a pair of large flat-screen TVs.

The store is located in a former auto assembly plant and is already well known as a retail hub for the upscale chain, which has a store in Chicago.

It’s also one of the largest malls in the country, and the mall has a high percentage of shoppers with college degrees.

The new mall is expected take a hit in 2018, but that hasn’t stopped its owners from touting the new facilities as a way to boost revenue and boost its image as a major retail center.

“We know this will be a big opportunity for us to bring in more people with higher incomes,” said Michael Hager, chief executive of Marshalls, in a statement.

“We’re looking forward to meeting our goal of increasing total retail sales and making it even more convenient for our customers.”

The new Marshalls is expected increase retail sales by nearly 25 percent in 2018 compared to the same year last year.

The company is also adding more stores in states like Georgia and North Carolina.

The new mall in Chicago is part of a larger redevelopment project by Marshalls that is expected start in 2021.

The store has seen some success with its new concept.

In October, a group of Marshals employees and employees of other brands began a hunger strike to demand better conditions and more transparency for the new mall.

The Marshalls store in Miami, which was previously a retail center, closed down in October after being closed for more than three years due to poor sales.