HomeGoods Sierra is the second coin to go on sale at Bittrix this week, and as expected it is selling very well, selling at $8,400 on Binance.

The coin was listed on Bitchop earlier this week for $8.35, which would put it in the same tier as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

The cryptocurrency is listed as a “crypto asset” on Bittermint, a crypto-trading site.

Bittox currently lists the coin for $3,900, but it is currently listed for $6,000.

The price of Bittx is set to rise to $10,000 by the end of the week, as BittX users will be able to place orders for the coins on the exchange.

The coins can be purchased for BTC and ETH using the Bittex API.

The price of the coins is set by users on Bitzcoin, which is another crypto-currency trading platform.

Bittrex is also offering a discount of 10% on all cryptocurrencies for Bitt users, as well as an annual fee of $3.

The exchange also offers a special BittEx membership for $5 per month.

HomeGoods Sierra is not the first cryptocurrency to go up for sale on Bits.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash was briefly up for $1,200 on Bixin on Friday, but that sale was quickly removed.