You might be thinking that your favorite place to shop for gift ideas is the big box store, but the reality is that the vast majority of shoppers are not big box stores.

Instead, they’re shopping online, and the majority of those online shoppers don’t have a big box budget.

Here’s why: 1.

Big box stores have higher margins than online stores 2.

Big boxes often charge a lower price per item 3.

You’ll often find a wide selection of products that you’ll find in big box online stores, but you’ll have to pay more for those items online 4.

Big-box stores often have a large selection of exclusive items that are rarely found in online stores 5.

Big store shopping is often very competitive, and often you’ll only find a limited number of items at the big-box store.


Big stores are often able to offer free shipping on most items 7.

Most big box locations also have a dedicated sales team to help you pick up items and sell them online 8.

Online shopping is a great option for big box shoppers, but online shopping is only one way to shop at big-store stores 9.

Bigbox stores have often been known for their lack of diversity, and that’s why the vast amount of shopping on their website makes it harder for people to find a great match for them 10.

And even if you do find a match, the big store may have a different product range that’s less affordable or that you can’t buy online.