A friend has asked me, “When do I wear a house-carpet?”

I’ve been a homeowner for more than 30 years, and my answer has always been the same.

When I’m home, I wear it for warmth and comfort.

My friends say the carpet in your home has a different look and feel to that in a restaurant, but that’s not always true.

The color of the carpet may not match that of the furniture, or the furniture may not be made from the same materials as the carpet.

The difference may be subtle, but the result is the same: you are wearing the carpet for warmth.

You are not wearing it for comfort.

When the temperature dips to the mid-40s or below, and you’re standing at a pool, the carpet becomes warmer and more comfortable.

When it’s above 100 degrees, the texture of the fabric may feel more stiff than normal, making it feel less comfortable.

And, when the temperature drops to the 30s or lower, it may feel stiffer than normal.

You can be comfortable in a dress and feel like you’ve been wearing a dress for hours.

But if the fabric feels too stiff or tight in your shoes, you won’t be able to walk around comfortably.

A soft bed, for example, can feel like it is a pillow on the outside, and if it gets too cold, you’ll feel like your legs will hurt.

So, when you’re in the middle of a long walk or you’re at the beach and you see a beautiful sunset, you want to wear the best quality carpet you can afford.

I’m a big believer in buying only the best house-clothes that fit your style and budget.

I buy only carpet that’s soft and warm enough to feel comfortable, with a soft, soft feel that doesn’t rub or flake.

And I buy my house-cement in the same color as the furniture.

So you can have a lovely soft white carpet that doesn tote all day and still be comfortable for all seasons, but also that will last all summer long.

The next time you need a little extra warmth, take comfort in knowing you’re wearing a carpet that will be comfortable until you leave your house.

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