A recent survey by a leading US brand-search website showed that home office is the most popular category on the list, and this is the case even in the United Kingdom, where the home office category is still at the forefront of the industry.

The survey, carried out by UK-based online retailer The Big List, polled respondents across the globe and found that, of the total 1,200 respondents, 73 per cent chose their own home office.

The results were surprising, as the home-office category was not a particularly popular one for respondents.

Only 18 per cent of respondents in the UK chose their home office as their preferred place to work.

In contrast, 54 per cent in the US chose their workplace as their home, and 70 per cent opted for a combination of office and living space.

According to the survey, the majority of respondents chose the US as their favourite choice for their workplace, with 76 per cent choosing their workstation as their workplace.

In the UK, the choice of the home for work was seen as the most important factor in choosing their workplace for work.

Only 28 per cent preferred their workplace to be located in a large city.

The UK has an average household size of 1,600, and in 2016, it was estimated that a typical household had around one person, which is just under two adults.