As the new year approaches, shoppers are still making their shopping decisions, and a lot of those decisions will depend on which electronics store stocks up with the best bargains.

Here are the top five new products to look for when shopping for new electronics, according to research from iSuppli.

iSuppliance also recently released a list of top five brands that sell the most new gadgets.1.

Samsung Electronics – Samsung Electronics is on the hunt for a new flagship smartphone, but there’s no shortage of options for those who want the latest in Android technology.2.

Lenovo – Lenovo has been in a slump since it released the ThinkPad X1 Carbon last year, but it’s still one of the most popular PC brands around.

Its new Chromebook is the only one of its own to be available in a big box.

Lenovo also has a line of tablets and laptops.3.

Asus – Asus has a new gaming laptop and a tablet called the ThinkPads X1, which are both high-end, high-margin devices.

Its budget line of laptops is called the B100.

Asus is also releasing its own gaming desk, the B300.4.

Microsoft – Microsoft has been on a slow-but-steady rise in sales for a while now, and this new Surface tablet is one of those new devices that it’s looking to capture with its new Surface Pro tablet.

The tablet comes with a 5.5-inch screen and a 128GB hard drive, and you can buy it in two sizes: 8.5 and 11.5 inches.5.

HP – HP’s PC business has been hurt by its acquisition of a company called Precision, but its sales of HP notebooks have rebounded a bit.

The new HP Spectre X7 is a premium-priced laptop with a bigger screen and an Intel Core i7 processor.

The Spectre X5 and X7 are similar, but they’re a bit more expensive.6.

ASUS – ASUS has been making a comeback in the gaming market since it made the X2, but the company’s latest gaming laptop is a little bit of a disappointment.

The X3 sports a 10.1-inch display and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, but you can only buy it with the brand’s new Precision Gaming Core X8.7.

Lenovo-brand laptops are still available in the $700-750 range.8.

Dell – Dell is in a similar position as ASUS and HP.

The company has made some big moves in the last couple of years, but is still trying to catch up with Apple.

It recently announced a new Surface Book laptop that’s available in two size options: 9.5 inch and 11 inches.9.

Lenovo / HP – Lenovo’s laptops are now available in three sizes: 9, 11, and 12.

You can buy them in either 16- or 23-inch sizes.

Lenovo’s 12-inch laptop has a 1080p display, but HP has a 12.5×7.5 display and it costs $1,300 more.10.

Toshiba – Toshiba has been adding a lot to its laptops over the past few years, and the new Chromebook 13 is a nice addition.

It has a 7-inch IPS display and is available in both a 12- and 17-inch configurations.

Tosata has also made the Chromebook Pro 11.

This laptop has an Intel Celeron processor, and it has an 11.6-inch touchscreen.

It’s available with 32GB of storage, and $1.1,000 more than its rivals.11.

Dell Inspiron – The Inspiron series is a popular laptop line, but Dell’s new Inspiron 15 is the first laptop in a new lineup that has a 15.6 inch screen.

The laptop is available with 128GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD, and comes in a variety of colors.12.

HP Spectre – The HP Spectre 13 is the latest Spectre, which is still available only in a 10-inch version.

HP’s new 13.3-inch Spectre 15 is priced at $1 to $1 and has an IPS display, a 128 GB SSD, a fingerprint reader, and can be upgraded to a Core i3 processor with up to a 2.4GHz boost.13.

Asus Chromebook – Asus is making some big changes to its Chromebook line this year, including a new 13-inch Chromebook Pro, which has a 720p display.

Asus has also started shipping its new Chromebook Pro 15.

This Chromebook has a 13-incher display and the processor is based on Intel’s Celerons, and its $1 000 price tag is a bit of an upgrade from other Chromebooks.14.

Acer Chromebook – Acer is also working hard to make its Chromebooks better, and that includes a new Acer Chromebook Pro 14.

It is available only with a 1080-pixel screen and 128GB RAM.15.

HP Chromebook 13 – HP has been pushing the Chromebook