Why are pillowcases so hard for people to find in the mall?

A recent Reddit post suggested that the pillows are “not as common” as they used to be. 

“The Pillowcase is not as common anymore as it used to get on the market, so they can be difficult to find,” the post reads.

“But it’s still a popular product with people who want to make sure they have something special to wear.”

If you’re interested in buying a pillows from a local store, I recommend buying them from the Sale & Trade section of the mall,” the poster added. 

Some people have suggested that you can get the pillowcases for as low as $15.

While it’s not hard to get a pillow for less than $10, some of the pillowcases are pretty pricey.

The pillowcase from the online shopping site Amazon, for instance, is listed at $9.99, according to Amazon.com.

The pillowcase in the Amazon seller is $14.99.

A similar pillowcase that comes with a free gift bag for an Amazon gift card can cost up to $20.

The pillowcases were a popular item on Amazon before the recession.

In March, the company said that the number of orders on the company’s site for pillowcases fell from 2.7 million in October 2008 to 1.7 billion in December 2010.