When Amazon’s e-commerce arm started its foray into the digital space, shoppers bought a variety of products, including digital art books and music.

Now the retailer is trying to make the digital world of books and audio videos appealing to a new group of consumers: those who are looking for a quick and easy way to get the goods they need.

In an effort to lure those shoppers, Amazon has announced that it is opening up more than 5 million Amazon-branded e-books and audiobooks to the digital market in the US and Europe this summer.

Amazon is already one of the biggest digital sellers of books, and it will also soon expand the availability of some of its other titles.

Amazon is now offering a variety, including audiobook collections, audiobook titles, and audiobook editions.

It also has launched a new digital book service, Kindle Direct Publishing.

These services allow customers to download individual e-book books to their Kindle devices, and Amazon also has partnered with other booksellers, like the New York Times, for the release of titles like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Amazon’s new products will be available for purchase on its own site, which means that users will not need to log in to Amazon.com.

They will also be able to access the site’s Kindle Direct app, which will provide a full range of features including a book recommendation engine, book recommendations, and a book search engine.

These features are not available on Amazon’s main e-store, Amazon Prime, which is only available to customers in the United States.

The Kindle Direct apps will also come preinstalled on Kindle devices.

To make the books and audiogriffs accessible to a broader audience, Amazon is offering them for free on the Kindle Store.

The first 500,000 books to be sold through the Kindle Direct publishing service will be free.

Amazon says that the first 200,000 audiobubbles sold through this service will also have the Kindle app installed.

These audiobubs will be made available through the digital bookstore in the coming weeks.

Amazon’s decision to launch this service at this point is another indication that it intends to expand its reach and reach beyond its traditional markets in the future.

The service will only be available to those who have signed up for the service, which also includes access to its Kindle Direct App.

However, those who sign up for Kindle Direct will also receive access to the Kindle App for a limited time.

This will be a free trial that Amazon will run for a few months, so it is possible that the service could be discontinued in the near future.